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Sell Your Home Fast the First Time

So you listed your home for sale and you haven't received a single offer now what? Over 50% of homes listed for sale do not sell during their initial listing period, in some markets its’ as high as 65%. The dirty secret in the real estate business is that most homes don’t sell on the first go around. Blame the agent blame the home owner both are at fault. 7 steps below will give you the best chance of your home selling first time out.

1)Price it Right – Far and away above any other consideration is the price. The worst home in the worst area at the right price will sell. Get your head out of the clouds, as a seller it’s just another house.

2)Hire the Right Agent – Interview 2 to 3 agents, hire the one who uses the most tools to market your home. The I’m No 1 and pat their self on the back real estate designations are not going to get your home sold.

3)Team Approach to Selling – Agents who use a team approach to their business have the right attitude towards real estate. Today’s single agent actually does 14 different jobs in the home selling and buying process. A team can spread the work load, specialize, and has less chance of dropping the ball (you and your house).

4)Advertising Systems – Where, when and how often will your home be advertised in newspapers, websites, facebook, youtube and home magazines. We know that about 90 to 95% of calls on ads reject the house after receiving all the information. But it is a fact that advertising especially using a call capture systems with a compelling ad will draw buyer prospects for your agents’ team to work with.

5)Signs and Sign Riders – signs with Text for more Info call riders. Show your agents web page address. Web page must have free reports and other areas for buyers to register. Sign riders offer compelling reasons for buyers to easily text for more info without having to call the listing agent. 

6)Open Houses – One of the least effective ways to market a home. Saturday or Sunday afternoon for 3-4 hours you go to the mall and your agent hangs out watching TV. How about an open house tour 5 to 6 homes open the same day for 15 to 20 minutes each, the group goes from house to house creating an auction like affect and get to you stay home and see the show.

7)Visual Tours & Photos By using visual tours and multiple photos your agent will get your home placed higher on websites like Almost 80% of home buyers start their search on the internet it is best for you to be at the top of the list. You can also email your home to friends, neighbors, co-workers, hand-out C/D’s at open house tours. Your agent will also send these out to the top agents in your area. Agents with multiple approaches to the marketing of your home will work best for you. They are internet savvy have a team and support staff that can handle the various tasks involved with finding the right buyer for your home.

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